Saturday, September 1, 2012

Give your Heart a Break!

Ever since this school year started I have been deprived from experiencing the good life. I have to deal with books and handouts every single day, every night my bed is full of paper works, reviewers, highlighters and pens. I don't even enjoy free hours because I am forced to read and study whenever classes aren't going on. I even consider myself a zombie for months now because I am totally not allowed to sleep for so long just because of my academic responsibilities. But despite all the hardships, sleepless nights, jam packed days, and all the busy moments in between I tell you I am enjoying every bit of it and the only thing I can do is to endure all the challenges because I know that when all of these end I am assured of having a bright future ahead and that I have no choice but take this highway and have fun as I journey along because everything that I experience somewhere down the road would lead me to the destination I have been wishing and dreaming of... SUCCESS and HAPPINESS! The kind of life I am living right now is not easy, I have no choice left but to study, study and study but this is really what life is all about, everyday should not only be about perfection but you have to taste what's worst for you to say what's the best. (I hope you're getting what I mean)

And so the best reward I can give myself now that I am stuck in this busy like a boss situation is to let go of all the books and pens, get away from my study area, go to a peaceful and calm place with a magnificent scenery, breathe fresh air, enjoy the gift of nature, eat a lot, enjoy the rhythm of happy songs and make fun memories with friends. You just don't know how I want to do those things whenever I feel the pressure of being in this field but then all the responsibilities won't allow me. When I felt like all my hopes for my request of ME TIME were gone, then destiny got in the way to keep me reminded that I should never lose hope because there is still a hope when LONG WEEKENDS are created.

My college blockmates/new friends came over to Pampanga to make their long weekend worthwhile. Manila friends have been invading me for 2 straight weekends now and I tell you my hospitality skills have been developed! I am pressured every time I have a set of visitors coming over my place because I have no idea where to bring them. But when they told me that the only thing they want to do is to runaway from all the stress in the Metro I knew from that instant where to bring them... at LAKESHORE! It is the perfect place to relax and unwind and experience hours as if all your worries are dead and gone. We made new and fun memories, talked about of dreams, all together we wished from that very moment that someday somehow we will be great doctors. After months, weeks and days of work, everybody knows that we DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!

Top: Zara
Pants: no brand
Belt: Genevieve Gozun

I decided to wear something that looks so carefree so I went floral on plain peg. I so love the comfort my sheer floral top gave me, since I was wearing pants (well I know that I should have worn shorts because its a picnic day on a beautiful island/place, but excuse my legs for still having mild lesions brought about by the bugs that bit me few weeks ago) my upper garment should just be flowy so that I won't feel the hot or cold with the bipolar weather.

Bangles and Aqua flower ring: Divi
Save World Life and Coca Cola + Popcorn Ring: Bugis Street, Singapore

I have the cutest accessories.
Of course it should complement my outfit. The bangles are a mixture of my top and shoes (pink ones) and the blue bangles for the blue pants. I told you I am an expert in matching!
Don't you just adore my rings?
The coke+popcorn is suited for the activity, we spent all our time eating and eating.
The floral ring is for the connection of my day with nature.
The statement ring is what this day is all about; Saving the world life!

Shoes: Kara
Bestfriend, Frances'gift!
I have always been in love with these floral printed oxfords.
Feels like blooming summer in the middle of fall!

Matching shoes and top!!! What can you say about my peg?
Didn't really know if the whole look is good for your taste, but I wish you liked it! And I wish I gave you an idea on what to wear on days you feel like you want to escape from reality and live in your teenage dream!


I never thought we would be close like this guys! Thanks for being with me every single day in times I get a high grade or if I get a failing grade often times. Thanks for dreaming with me and for always reminding me that I CAN DO IT! I would never be an optimistic little girl if you weren't by my side all along! Love you!

(L-R) Ate Moms, Sean, Lara, Mj, Jake
I tell you we will all be MEDTECHS/DOCTORS!

And to my other friends, If only I can take you here with me... ALL OF YOU!
I MISS YOU ALL! I know that we still have an eternity of so many time to catch up!
I promise to make it up to all of you!

This day is EPIC!
Like what Demi Lovato said on her song: There's just one life to live, and there's no time to wait; so GIVE YOUR HEART A BREAK!

Life is not easy all the way, don't get depressed if your day is overloaded with so much things to be accomplished just keep in mind that those things would someday make you GREAT!
Just love what you are doing and everything would get easy in the long run!
If you are stuck in a situation like mine, keep in mind that there's no shortcut to success, we really have to travel in a road like this.

Photos By: MJ Vines & Sean Morales

I wish I was able to inspire you a bit today/tonight!


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