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Pampanga Fashion Blogger: Jhavoo Morgia


The Pampanga Fashion Bloggers team was very successful on the fun shoot we organized for us to meet our aim which is to promote, encourage and inspire the youth to get into fashion blogging and to help in promoting and advertising Kapampangan fashion brands and business.

At first I was really very nervous about this big thing since I don't know anyone at all, I just see the faces of my fellow Kapampangan stylistas on their personal blogs, facebook, twitter and instagram and I haven't meet anyone for real. I thought it was hard to reach out with them since I am really known for being too quiet but then when I got there I was amazed by the kindness of everyone that talking to them wasn't hard for my part. It feels good to be surrounded by people who knows your craft and your passion, when we were talking about our styles, favorite bloggers and all it was like we have known each other for quite some time now.
I am so blessed to be part of PFB even if I am just an amateur in writing and expressing myself through fashion.

We are doing this all for the LOVE FOR FASHION... and ofcourse for writing since writing has always been my first love.

Spiked Top: Muradito
Mullet Skirt: SM Department Store

This look is my personal style, very JHAVOO! A burst of classic, elegant, girly, a little edgy and of course the doses of pink ; different personalities all in one outfit. I am known to be someone so meticulous when it comes to colors, I want everything to be in its perfect match and combination. I decided not to play with too much color blocking instead just the typical Jhavoo coding way. It took me weeks to decide what to wear for this project, there were too much ideas getting along the way plus I have this bad habit of being indecisive habitually. Though I have too many unused clothes in my closet, I still chose to buy new outfits considering this is my first exposure in a new kind of world and I really want to be hands on in all the preparations. See, that's how dedicated I am to this job, I let the creative juices flow, save money, ransack the shopping malls and even street markets no matter how crowded they are and find the dress of its best and finest kind just to make my imagined look come to reality.

Looking at the brands of my look, I bet you have noticed something unusual about me that time... that I did not go branded! Well, there are really times wherein branded items aren't really fashionable and I felt that was this time. To tell you honestly I have this big love of going to bazaars and thrift stores just to get items that are very nice and would bring out the little miss fashionista within me. I am the only one in the family who can manage to go to Divisoria and Quiapo alone and spend the whole day there without getting my feet hurt from all the walking and my eyes tired from looking at items. I am the only one in the family who would go out 9pm at Hong Kong just to check out the night markets and shop. And I have always been in demand to my friends in times they want to hoard clothes, dresses, shoes, bags and all that girl stuffs.
Blogging is not all about showing off all the material possessions you have, the tags don't matter at all. A lot of people thinks that you should shop everyday just to come up with something blog worthy, but I tell you this world is not about spending too much there are a lot of ways to express yourself rather than wasting your cash.
I bought the whole outfit exactly two days before the shoot, I have been imagining my look for about 30 days already since the first time Khai made the proposal but the busy calling keeps on getting the way. Believe me, this look was brought about by panic buying!

It was my first time to wear a mullet skirt. I know it has been an overrated trend this year but I never figured out why I wasn't able to wear it while it was still "in" I tell you most often I have this attitude of getting into a trend when only a few or maybe nobody's wearing it anymore. Or maybe there's no special event on the previous months that gave me the need to wear it and the perfect timing just went by a little too late. As I was in this skirt, I felt the comfort it gave me just because the fabric is very smooth and silky. The flowy draping also gave way to an elegant side of the look.

Earrings: Divi

This is a shirt that can kill anyone who dares to mess up with me.
I just cant help but fall in love with the spike details of this top, it is really a killer find! I know you're drooling to have one too!

And oh, how do you like my pink lips by Coco Chanel?

Gold Necklace: Divi
Lipstick/gloss: Chanel

Seeing the photos, I can say that what I am really what I wear. See how organized I am in matching my accessories with every details of the outfit, or is this being such an OC in fashion?

Bangles: Divi
Love ring: Quiapo Thrifts
Pink ring: Jhajing

I am already starting to be knowledgeable enough about accessorizing but still very minimal (or do you even consider this minimal? well at least the charms are not over acting). And oh, these are all thrift finds, I swear I would never buy branded accessories unless sponsored/gifted.
LOVE ring, to let you know that BLOGGING IS LOVE!


I am girly way too much, I see everything in pink!

Shoes: Primadonna

Photos By: Bernardine Garcia

To my surprise, I was working with my fellow Scholastican! I was really shocked when I saw ate Ber at the location that day, I just cant believe that in the middle of the unknown faces that time there is still a chance to see someone you personally know (well even if Ber and I aren't really close at all, we just say hi to each other way back our highschool years at St. Scho) and get the chance to work with that person! Thanks for the lovely photos Ber!

Visit her tumblr, I tell you she has magnificent portfolios of faces, events, places and anything and everything!

The next set of photos were captured by: Dos Garcia

With Dos, we were able to work with the drama of photography! I love all the dramatic shots!
I must say that Dos doesn't depend on the automatic click on the manipulation of a dslr, instead he uses manual Olympus camera, i guess you have to be a master of photography before you can create good photos of a camera like that, with that Dos is indeed a real photographer.

Check out his tumblr too:

The Pampanga Fashion Bloggers Fun shoot was a VERY FUN experience! I am happy to meet new people and new friends whom I am going to give a special place in my life and in my heart. I just couldn't imagine how I was able to survive this day when it was my first time to be seeing these people and work with them on a very special project considering that I am a shy girl but then as the hours passed by I ended up enjoying the whole activity and began talking and laughing with the circle and having awkward moments with the photographers just because I have awkward poses.
Its is good to meet people who has the same interest as yours because you can learn a lot of new things from them and at the same time you can share the things you know so that they can learn from you too.

Now I am going back to the time when this blog was still a private one that I don't want my Kapampangan/Manila friends to know about it because I am shy to let them know that I am blogging but a voice convinced me to get out of the shell and sneak out from my comfort zone, my little secret is not a secret anymore since I started tweeting to the public my new posts and of course now that I am an official part of the Pampanga Fashion Bloggers family!

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And stay tuned for a lot of projects lined up for our aim to uplift fashion blogging in our very own Pampanga and offering you the best of the best Kapampangan brands!

Miss Dream Catcher, Jhavoo Morgia
Medtech student/future Doctor/Dreamer/Blogger



  1. Your pink top is pink shoes are so hot. They look so pretty eye catchy.

    xx Diana

  2. Gorgeous pink dress accompanied with accessories are making it worth watching. Excellent photography as well..

  3. stunning outfit. i really love your top!


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