Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BTS: Haute Halloween

Haute Halloween

A fashion show collaboration between Maligaya 168 Shopping Center and the newly-formed Pampanga Fashion Bloggers, which features collections of some of the most popular boutiques in Maligaya 168- subjected to personal styling and worn by the Pampanga Fashion Bloggers themselves, on the ramp.

The event also serves as the official launching and first public appearance of the Pampanga Fashion Bloggers since they organized themselves last July 7, 2012.

The Bloggers:
Khai Nunag http://khai.co.nr/

Participating Maligaya 168 Boutiques

Sam-Au Boutique
Josie Ukay Ukay
Pink Balloons Boutique
Charmaigne Joy and God Win Boutiques
Miblas Boutique

Event Sponsors:
Coca Cola
The Flower Garden
Posh Nails Pampanga
Bloomers Party Services 
Quirkypedia accessories
Phyto Pharma Pampanga
Maligaya 168 Shopping and Pasalubong Center

Official Photographers:
Anson Ong
Brian Ordonez
Myro Lacsamana
Harry Rico

Media Partners:
Bright FM 91.9- Lifestyle, Showbiz, Atbp
RW 95

Now I am all set and ready to go for the fashion event! I chose to have this contour makeup peg so that it would be perfect for the night, dark, lights and also flashes. Then my lips were colored dark pink so it could catch the attention of everyone. Good thing this kind of makeup matched every outfit I had for the show and it did not made conflict to the whole setting and every situation where I am in. My hair was just the typical curl at that time because I can't think of any other hairstyle except for the traditional curls which is fitted for all kinds of occasions.

The moment I arrived at the venue everything was all set and to my surprise the dressing room was so organized. All the clothes to be worn for that night were already labeled and hung up and all we have to do is add on the accessories that we are going to use and arrange the shoes we brought in order. I can say that with this kind of setup the crew really took a lot of effort to make the show run smoothly. There was already a manila paper posted on the wall in the back stage so as to guide us in our lineup of appearance and the organizers never got tired of reminding us, orienting us every now and then and guiding us on every move we make just to make the event successful.

Because this is a haute halloween, treats were present! I did not expect that there's this kind of table but good thing they had this so as not to make the audience hungry and they can munch at these treats while sitting back and watching us walk down the runway and model the items. Too bad I wasn't able to taste these treats but I hope the viewers enjoyed the halloween treats.

Here are my fellow bloggers practicing their walk and poses and here's Ms. Des who was patient enough to instruct us and Ms. Dalsa who was also kind and patient to orient us in the line ups, very supportive and very appreciative in our all out participation.

The faces to be launched
Spot me!

The show is about to start, fashionistas!

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