Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Haute Orange Leopardess

This is my first outfit for the PFB X Maligaya168 collaboration project. The staff of Maligaya 168 already prepared the clothes that we are going to wear and what we have to do is to style it and wear it in a way that would be presentable to the people watching and to the camera's flash which is of course something that every blogger should have, the talent for great styling and fashion statement.  The first walk down the runway gave me mini heart attacks but then I did not let fear ruin my first ever fashion show participation that's why I just enjoyed every step I made and savored the moment to take away all the nervousness and stress then I found myself having fun as I was modelling.

Top: Sam-Au c/o Maligaya 168 (Sponsor)
Palazzo Pants: SM Department Store
Shoes: Jellybean
Necklace: The Hook
Bangles: H&M

I want my entrance to give an "ooomppphhh" feeling to the crowd so I decided to cheat my height by wearing a palazzo pants that made me look four to five inches taller plus of course the magic of the heels. I turned the dress into a fashionable top so as to achieve the look I want to have and so as not to expose my big tummy because the dress is hugging my body so tight.
This outfit is also a combination of class and colors, the animal prints on the sleeves of the dress gives a taste of sophistication even if animal prints are so mainstream nowadays, I believe that I brought it up with elegance and it did not even look as overrated as it is and I good thing the bronze metallic bangles matched it. As for the colors, the bright orange palazzo did not overpower the simplicity and elegance of the top and did not gave conflict to the combination instead it was the ensemble that would catch the eyes of the viewers because of the height it added to me and the color itself is very striking to everyone, and since I am known to be an expert of color coding, the necklace that I got from The Hook showed my talent on how good I am in matching up a burst of crayolas that necklace supposed to be part of my giveaway but I just fell deeply in love with it just because its orange and very catchy!

Here's the collection of Sam-Au modeled by yours truly and my co bloggers and the mastermind of all of these.

I published this post today because the colors are incorporated for the season, I just want to great you all a Happy Halloween! Boo yah! take care everyone and enjoy!

Stay tuned for several outfit posts worn for the event!

Xoxo :*

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  1. Is that coral or orange pants?



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