Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dark as Black

Top: Zara
Skirt: SM Department Store
Shoes: Jellybean

There's something different about this post, i took the photos and edited it via iphone. I cant believe that my phone would give me an output as sharp and has good resolution as the images taken from a dslr, well I bet I'd be using it more now since I have it with me every single moment of my life compared to the camera which my sister brought with her all along due to the demands of her course.

This outfit gave me a very matured look and it has transformed me into a woman, I guess reality has get in the way now to make me realize that I am not getting any younger. I love the elegance and sophistication black offers, it is really something that would never get mainstream.

Everything here seems to be so dramatic, from the patterns and cut outs on my top up to the draping of the mullet skirt. And this is what made me come up with the realization that the look can be related to true life, the dark side has all the dramas in it and we have to find the light to take us our from darkness and live a bright life painted with colors of love, happiness and contentment.

Fashion fades, but Style is Eternal

Xoxo :*


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