Friday, November 30, 2012

Stay Classy, Not Trashy

I know Ive been such an irresponsible little one for quite a while now and as usual ive been bombarded with too much school business, i cant even go out of my dorm and chill out at the nearest beauty bar or go shopping at the most accessible mall but i guess this is how my life should be like in the second roll of my journey on my major year in college, FOCUS and DRIVEN!

But since its a holiday, I atleast i target to finish blogs about the fashion show me and my fellow PFB bloggers did last October in collaboration with Maligaya 168. That was Halloweens and ages ago and i hope its never too late to talk a lot about it.

Top: G-Shop (Maligaya 168)
Peplum Skirt: G-Shop (Maligaya 168)
Shoes: Jellybean
Necklace: Divi
Watch: Divi
Bangles: H&M

So as to continue the dress up game, this is what I wore for the second appearance on the runway. This is really something id wear for high class events especially in formal occasions. I really don’t get overdress in those kinds events, as much as possible I try to divert my style into something more matured, classy and not trashy. I don’t do vibrant color splurging but if i do i see to it that every piece matches and not too much of rainbows.
Red, Gold and Black has always been so divine since time in memorial, it is really something that releases a dark shadow with a twist that it doesn’t end in darkness all the time but there’s just something in it that would make you wait for something more, like an essence of surprise. Black has always been so versatile in all aspects of the fashion world, but for me the role of BLACK is really CLASS! And I know I pulled of that classy look pretty well, don’t you think?

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