Friday, November 30, 2012

Made in Uk

You all know that I have this big love for bazaars, street markets and thrift stores. I can live in Divisoria and in all the malls there forever with all the great finds it has to offer, that is like a Disneyland for me. And if you take me abroad, believe me I would choose being at the street night markets in HongKong  and Bugis in Singapore than to be at Rodeo Drive in California or at high end fashion kingdoms in Paris.
My standards in dressing up is really not all about brands and price tags but I choose quality and comfort over it. And to tell you honestly if I get to wear something branded its because its my mom who’s paying for it but if I use my money to be spent on clothes, Id go all the way to the nearest thrift store and shop there like a boss.
Nahh, enough of all the talking. I gave you that introduction because this look here brought out the different side of me. For the first time, I gave in to wearing something made in UK! Ukay Ukay! =))) Before my mother left for France, we do Ukay Ukay together back when I was still a kid since I have been this miss sama sama kind of girl, but I am not really fond of it because i thought that shopping in those kind of store would bring out the boredom that sucks. But as years passed by, as I have been an avid blog reader i came to appreciate the ukay ukay finds and i came up to the conclusion that fashion really depends on the person who keeps calm and carry on.

Top: Josie Ukay Ukay (Maligaya 168)
Shorts: Josie Ukay Ukay (Maligaya 168)
Heels: FnH

Thank God, Maligaya 168 gave me a chance to do my not so first time UK experience. I went all out with the basics. At first I had difficulty in choosing because the clothes there weren’t really for my body type, ukay ukay thing really needs a lot of effort so you’d come to be at your best. And after long minutes of doing the ukay, tadaaaahhhh this is what I turn in to.
I bet you’d never really know that I wore something from the ukay ukay if I didn’t tell you so. How do you like my look and the styling I did so as to keep it look basically fashionable?

Keep in mind that you should wear your clothes, and don’t let your clothes and its brand wear you! 

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