Saturday, December 1, 2012

By The Eye

Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Nine West
Necklace: SM Department Store
Fox bracelet: Luna Chic
Watch like bracelet with studs: Divi

 This look has been existing on my laptop for ages now, sorry for blogging it just now, it was only up until this time when I realized that this is something worth publishing.
This is what I wore when I went to Moa months ago, I opted to wear something comfortable since I would do a lot of walking and strolling at my favorite mall and window shopping at my favorite shops, I really love Moa for bringing all my favorite brands in the heart of the Metro! And finally it was really my target to have one outfit shot by the parking lot and look The Eye is just behind me!

The outfit was in contrast with the golden accessories, I mean its not really typical to pair florals with golds and metals but I dont care, we have to experiment sometimes, so forbid me for being on the mood to wear bling blings that time! All the while I thought I was wearing something light and not too much of heavy baggage but I swear it was like carrying 3 kilos of gold with my necklace but I just love how it outstand and people wouldn't be looking at me and my big face but at my golden pieces. 

Im keeping this short guys, I have so many things to do for this rough week!

Happy December! Advance Merry Christmas!

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