Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Bloomfields

Dress: Zara
Shoes: FnH
Necklace: Recto finds (borrowed from sister)


This outfit is the bomb for an everything in print event.
There's really no danger in florals, it made me feel so blooming and fun that day. And even if this season is meant to be for coats, scarves and boots; here in the Philippines flowers are forever because it's like a taste of summer every day since Mr. Sun never goes away.

This dress has been stuck in my closet since I last wore it on my after party celebration a year ago and I realized how bad ass I am for not having any picture wearing it and when I got invited to go to a print party with my sister (id be blogging hers later) I knew from that moment that this dress spells out perfection.

The prints are just so playful and classy at the same time. It is not the typical floral dress that the society is wearing whenever and wherever but it has something in it that brings out elegance not just because its Zara but the material is really worth its price since it's really made up of good kind of cloth that wouldn't turn it out into something that looks cheap and oh don't you just adore this dress for a tulle surprise on its bottom part? If only there were more tulle and tutu then it would really be perfect for an extraordinary one time big time event of your life. And since the event's going to be a little formal then my accessories and killer shoes cooperated with my peg.

Being blooming does not just happen when your'e in love and falling head over heels over one person but it also happens when you're at your best when you dress up!

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