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Taylor Swift's "Fifteen" is stuck in my mind for months now, I just cant get over the story behind it because it adds up to my "feels like 15" vibes. What was the most unforgettable experience you had at 15?

Life at 15 is an exploration for me, it was the time when I started going out of my comfort zone and began discovering a lot of things that made a big impact in my life.

I was 15 when I gained my real friends. They say that you can gain your true friends in high school and that is exactly what happened to me. It was that time when I met 7 girls that captured my heart and a great type of friendship was built. I remember how it all started, we are all cam whores and the clicks of the digicam is what started our friendship and from that moment I came to know that what we have is something that is bound to last for an eternity. From pictures, to makeups, to editing, to clothes, to high heels, to shopping, to writing, to those smart talks, to the latest buzz, they were the girls who made all the blogging thing possible because it was through them that I learned how to be fashionable, trendy, and write about everything; to dreaming, to planning and almost anything in between they were the girls I was with. And know that youre wondering what made me say they are my true friends, its because even if we are 19 now and the world has separated us away from each other physically our friendship is still strong despite all the messed up schedules and long distance. They are the girls I had, I have and will always have. CS will always be CS!

I also had another barkada that came into my life when I was 15, it was the LoveTeams, it started out when we had that special someone and we decided to be just in one group with our pairs. They were the ones who were with me all throughout my junior year since most of them are my classmates, and if they were not around my 3rd year in high school wouldnt be as worth it as it was. They taught me how love works in a lot of ways and they were the ones who taught me how to be a keeper. Now that we are 4 years older now the bond that we share never gets rusty and old. And even if we have our new set of loveteams at the moment, the frienship was never broken into pieces.

I only belong to 2 barkada, I am not Ms. Friendship and Ms. Congeniality and if there are those friends not part of the set I mentioned earlier, they are just few. Well I really don't need a lot of friends and be crowned to be the friendliest, I just want people who would be true to me. The other friends were mostly my classmates when I was a sophomore then we reunited at senior high, the best thing about them is that even if I am not officially part of their group, they treat me as someone very special that they rarely forget to invite me if they have activities and events. They are the people I run to when I am already done running to the girls and what I love about them is that they always welcome me with open arms.

I was 15 when I met and had my true friends and I am so lucky that my 15th year of existence made it all happen!

Top: Undiz
Leggings: SM Department Store
Shoes: Topshop


First crush, other crush,puppy love, first love, almost lover and your great love. 
Did you ever meet them when you were 15?

Hi crush... believe me when I say I have a lot. From the boy next door type of crush to the girl crushes and that desperate kind of crush. They always give me that kilig feeling and they start being the ones I dream about all day long. The only thing I hate about crushing is that my crushes and I never end up being together!!! Hahahaha. It seems like a crush would always be just a crush. (up until now that I'm in college)

Hi Puppylove... It was a cute kind of love. I don't have any specific person in mind who gave me this feeling. I bet this ones for kids. Do you have one?

First Love... Do you believe in the saying that first love never dies? What made it never die is the fact that all the firsts was with them and what I realized about it is that you should make sure that your first love is worth the firsts because you would never ever forget your first times and if you made one with someone those things would always be attached to the name of that person.

Almost Lover... At 15, I wasnt ready for something serious at all, I wasn't even open for official relationships and that made the ALMOST experience happen. There was this one boy, okay I can say that I was gaga over him, I thought I love him or maybe I did or maybe that's what puppy love is or i dont know, and I thought he felt the same which is up until now I really dont know if he did or he did not. I thought the romantic feeling was mutual, were they? We were textmates, I consider him my best friend, and my weekend lover because weekend texting is spent with him. We talk about anything and everything, that kind of set up run for months to almost a year and my friends know how happy I am with this boy... UNTIL ONE DAY, WITHOUT ANY WARNINGS, EVERYTHING ENDED! Hahahahahahaha. and one thought tickles my mind everytime I think of that person, he was that Almost lover and there was this love we never had.

 Great Love... (nahhh, maybe I can write about this on a separate post) Hahahahaha a hanging topic. 

At 15, I fell in love and got a broken heart then I learned how to move on and let go making me realize what love life is all about!

My mind suddenly got corrupted because I remember everything about highschool and it left me nostalgic.
Maybe its time to talk about fashion...

The title for this post is Fifteen not only because I am LSSed about that song but also because my look on this day is the style I love the most, something very YOUTHFUL!
When my friends tell me Im already old I always tell them that the only thing that elevates are the digits of my age and not my look and my style. Teens can always relate on my fashion statement, because I choose ensembles that would not make me look old. Remember looks can be deceiving, and if you want to deceive the people around you then you always have to look good yet what matters most is personality of course. Outer beauty are just mere bonuses.

Candy Colored Bracelets:
Left: Divi, Luna Chic
Right: Quiapo Thrifts

Sunday dress code. I wore this while doing some grocery errands at SnR at the last day of sale.
When I saw the top from my brother's luggage I cant take my eyes off of it, I want to wear them right away. I so love the details on it. the layers are made up of cloth, tulle and tutu a very girlish material. And you know how I always dress up in a very girly way! I matched it up with my aztec printed leggings which I have already worn in the past and voila it matched! I should have went all out onn wearing print on print but my little sister/fashion consultant stopped me from doing so and I obeyed her since she knows what would look good on me or what wouldnt and so that I can have a basis if you guys would also like my look.

The shots are taken by my beloved yaya for 25 years! Finally she already know how to take pictures and I can feel that she is very supportive in my blogging career. I actually made "pilit" her to do the photography work since my sister got tired from doing grocery errands with mamuy and good thing she never gets tired of giving in to my cutie patootie charms and I am her favorite not so little girl that's why she can never say no to my requests. I love my yaya, she's the best!

How do you like my look?

I hope my outfit gave you an inspiration on how to dress up in a teeny weenie way! That is always what I wanted to do, to be some sort of a fashion inspiration in little ways. I know that I don't dress up as fashionable as the top bloggers but I want you to believe that an ordinary person can the brightest in any way by dressing up in a simple yet fashionable way and by looking good and ofcourse by being good.

Back to my Remembering 15 dose;
That was the time when I gave in to learn more about life by going through the exploration and discovery. I thank the Lord for giving me the best life at 15 and I thank the people who were there for me that time because the infinite experience wouldn't be possible if you were not around. I LOVE YOU ALL!

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