Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Young and Free!

The first semester is finally over! If you are a regular reader of my blog you would know all the things that I have been through, from sleepless nights to overloaded days, you would know about the tears i shed whenever i get low grades and the happiness i feel when i am at my best! The rollercoaster has just come to its temporary stop and its time to get a lot of rest and get my old self back after the terrifying ride. The sudden drops and the loops scared me a lot, most of the times i felt like giving up on it and even thought of the idea of taking away the seatbelt and just jump off so that everything would end pretty soon. Everything was mixed emotion about this unpredictable journey. There are times when i find myself crying when I feel stuck up in a room full of failures. But have you ever wondered why I still finished the ride even if it crushes my soul and scares me a million times over an over? good thing lot of people who believes in me and to the fact that i can do it. My whole family is there all the way comforting me when i cry, supporting me al the way and loving me inspite of my weaknesses. My mom never get tired of giving advices on me about all my complains and she never gave up on saying and believing that I can do it and how proud she is for me being half way in making my dreams come true. My highschool friends were there for me and they never hesitate to give motivating replies on every tweets and messages i send them. My classmates and college barkada were such a blessing because even if i am physically far away from the people i mentioned earlier they never made me feel that i am alone instead they were there for me in every failing mark i get and when I get to be the best! Thank you so much Lord for giving me these people. Life has been so hard in the past few months but it wasnt as hard as i thought because i have them! The whole experience was like heaven in the middle of hell and everything was just like the best of both worlds!

So now I have exactly three weeks to breathe, chill out, relax and blog! The first semester has just ended and it brought me to the realization that not all endings are sad, because sometimes something has to end to give way to something better or best and this is it... Hello good life! Finally you and i are back together!

Dress: Hip Culture
Beaded Bracelet: Hip Culture
Ring: Divi
Shoes: Monobo

As a starter, the best of Manila and I rocked out out Tuesday having fun, for the first time all our worries about academics were gone and we had the whole day embracing the moment of being together before we go back to our own provinces. We spent our day at Taguig, spoiled ourselves with a great movie, good food, drinks, talks, laughs, photos and all the best things in between! And of course that moment is the start of all the dressing game which gave way to this blog post!

This outfit is something that transformed me back to being a little girl. I swear i felt like fifteen with this pink printed dress! Fresh, Young and Free!

The moment i saw this dress, all i can ever think of was the twist of abstract and patterns at the same time and of course the burst of colors! Don't  you just love the prints and colors it has to offer? Coz i fell inlove with it at that instant and everytime i look at the photos now and look at the dress again and the accessories I wore added spice to the whole look for it never went out of place instead participated in the fun of rainbow blast. Seems like I have been a fan of playful prints and united colors this October! What's your trend today?

And I would like you to meet the Best of Manila!!! (drum roll) 
We have been sections away during the first semester but being in different classrooms doesn't mean living in a different life now. The distance and conflict schedules are what made our friendship stronger, better and infinite. A lot has happened during the months; breakups, failures, changes, quarrels but what we had was never torn into pieces by those remarkable events coz we were there for each other even if it means stealing time from all the loaded works we have. They are the people who made me believe that six is always better than one. Thank you for being with me all sem round guys, I hope we can be back together for the second roll of our battle. I love you.

(L-R) Mara, Shera, Mj, Charles, Inekah

Photos By: MJ Vines

The life that my outfit has is a symbol of what I am looking forward to this sembreak; something exciting and colorful and not plain boring! Have a memorable break guys! I love you all and I swear that my blog spot would not be missing in action anymore! Have fun and enjoy!

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  1. Lovely dress!!!

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