Monday, October 1, 2012

Richie Rich

I have been MIA in the blog world now, it seems like my whole universe turned out to be blurry for you guys and I apologize for that, school has been harassing me the past days and nights and all I am up to is reading, studying, digesting, memorizing, doing lab experiments and taking too many quizzes every single day, it was like living and dying at the very same time. And now that I am able to steal some “me” time, the best thing to do is to spend it with you guys and be active once again in my own little hemisphere.

Well, last Saturday I was able to come home early and that gave me the opportunity to have so dress up time and go out with a friend. I missed this whole thing like dressing up really great then showing it all off to you and on the other side I miss going out, relaxing and pampering myself and have that long talks over coffee! My Saturday night was a blast, indeed!

I decided to wear something very comfy and just a typical malling outfit! Since scarf prints are trendy nowadays, i gave it a try and all i can say is that I am feeling RICH! Scarves would always spell out sophistication and class since the main material used for its production is silk which is something very expensive. I also wore gold accessories to pull off that "lakas maka madam" look!

Top: Divi
Leggings: no Brand

Fox Bracelet: Luna Chic
Necklace: Divi
Watch like Bracelet: Divi
Ring: MJ's gift from London

How do you like my Saturday look?
There's something different about my style today, I just realized that it covered my everyday forever young/feels like fifteen peg instead I was transformed into a woman with more matured looks and style.

And before I end this, I would like to wish you guys to have an awesome OCTOBER!!!
I love you all!

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