Saturday, December 29, 2012


This is what I wore when my friends and I decided to have a road trip at Subic and spent the afternoon walking by the beach, watching the sun set and eating steak with our endless talks and non stop laughs. We are so lucky that we still find time seeing each other and make up with each other despite our busy schedules and being in some sort of a long distance relationship, we just see each other on school breaks and its the only time we can take advantage of making great memories. I am so blessed to have friends that would always be there even if we are stuck in situations beyond our control. Have you found your true friends?

Top: borrowed from my sister
Pants: Mango
Bag: gift from my bestfriend Khym
Sunglasses: Gurly Glam Shoppe
Ring: Divi
Neckpiece: H&M
Bracelet: H&M
Wedge: H&M

Lets start talking about what I wore, I did not have a hard time choosing what to wear because I already have an idea on what I like so I ended up just grabbing the stuffs I like and good thing on my first attempt of doing the mix and match routine I knew it was exactly what I wanted. I decided to wear pants for a change, and it was too late that I realized we are going to walk by the beach and make infinite moments there, but honestly being in pants wasn't a big deal to make a statement, it still allowed me to walk comfortably like a boss. Good thing that even if my lower extremities were wrapped by tightness, the sheer top allowed air to enter deep within me.

The whole look was inspired my the H&M turquoise collection, that's quite obvious because everything spells out TURQUOISE from head to toe. Please tell me if the accessories are part of the Anna dello Russo collection coz I am inlove with it! <3 I am so lucky that my mom's in the fashion capital coz I was able to have these pieces, I totally love the color and how it shouts class and sophistication.

Im bringing heavy luggage but I totally don't care because the neckpiece is something to die for and I guess every woman wants to have one coz I want to have more of these.

This baroque Prada inspired sunglasses is just so classy, I have been keeping this on my dressed for months now and finally got a good photo of it featuring its elegant details. It is not just a blogger find, I also think that every girl should own one.

Even my hands, my fingers and my feet are color coded, fangirling about color combination here. I guess I have this OC attitude about matching same same colors. Did you notice that on my posts? Perhaps that will now be the Jhavoo statement.

See that there are spiral patterns on my shoes, exactly same patterns on my glasses.

Whats your holiday getaway with your friends? Share me your stories.

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