Saturday, December 29, 2012

Vibrant Waves

This is what i wore on my third day at Palawan, i had the third day post first before publishing the second because the second one is going to be a big blow and will forever be my favorite epicness! Now back to this, we were asked to wear something light and comfortable on our visit to the underground river coz its going to be a hot day, so even if its the season for the cold days layering is a big no no unless you want to look like trashy and more of a fashion dork as i tell you the sun never sets at Palawan!

Going to the place will take a two hour drive away from the town so i did not wear something that would allow me to move freely and that would include my hyperactive locomotion on my seat and my bad sleeping habit while on a ride. And so wearing a jumpsuit again is the best option! But ofcourse i would never ever wear something boring in days like this, my clothing would surely bring out fun and excitement through its prints that shows off a summer vibe!

Jumpsuit: H&M
Flat Sandals: French brand (from mom)
Arm candies: Divi
Sunglasses: H&M
Bag: Prada

As you can see the suit i wore wasnt really colorful and so i just made use of a lot of accessories to bring out a color palette! My blings was more of a mash up with neons coz it never fails to bring out boldness! I also adore how my blings matched my sandals and my little sling bag reminding me of a line from a movie saying "its not just a bag, its Prada" hahaha i had that little bag since i was in high school where i was still clueless about brands and it had been kept for ages at our stock room but when i was packing and getting clothes and bags from that room i saw it hanging around the back racks and so i grabbed it right away, i can still remember the innocent me walking around malls with just a small back way back then and now i can be that same old me again. And just because its old, its a little bit dirty already on its edges.

Before I end this post let me tell you a story:
We weren't even able to reach the Underground River because the boatmen and the coastguards won't allow us to travel because its was high tide all day long and waves were really big and scary that has a big capacity to destroy the vessel and drown us. We were really frustrated to see the UR since it is part of the new 7 wonders of the world and it is really something to be proud of and worth visiting, that should be the highlight of this whole trip, i just cant explain the excitement i felt when we were on our way because i cant wait to see how epic and wonderful it is but all we got was disappointment when we went the re.
I was already forcing my brother to bribe the tour guide and boat man so that we can explore the magnificent place but then the people there were protective of the tourists because their number one priority is everybody's safety. They did not care about the money they'll get but they care about our welfare. And that is what Palawenos are, hospitable and caring, they are indeed stewards of God's creation.
 I guess there would always be bummers on trips and tours, have you experienced one? =) 


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