Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Palawan Diary 1: Wildlife and the Hilltop

Let me share to you my day 1 at Puerto Princesa Palawan.
As we touched down the place, we were already scheduled for a day tour and I was so excited because this itinerary would give me an idea of what Palawan would be all about. My mindset was all about the beaches alone so I was surprised that Palawan is not just about the beach but more about nature. And being a sucker for nature's beauty Palawan left me breathless, everything was breathtakingly beautiful and I don't regret spending 4 days of my life in this magnificent island.

We headed right away to Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, it pulled me closer to animals and the greens and I was able to use my knowledge on Botany and Zoology, yes its great to be in the medical field in moments like this, id never get left behind.
There are only few wildlife establishments in Pampanga and in the Metro, ive been through almost all of them and I really want something new for my sight and a close encounter with all things living on this earth. Though this center is not more of a zoo, atleast I was able to interact with crocodiles, bear, bird, trees and flowers!

Before I take you on tour to the wonderful Palawan, Id like you to meet my awesome siblings who was with me throughout the trip, oh it feels to be surrounded by my loving family. It was like forever since I last traveled with them and now here it is, looking forward for more travels with these two not so little kids.
Chrizza's our youngest baby and Kuya Vj's the eldest. 

Crocodile skin art, someday I want to have something like this on the walls of my house, Its more of a collector's item. Don't you just adore it? Especially to the oldies out there.
And there is a skeleton of a very large crocodile.

At the hatching house, youll get to have a close encounter with the crocodiles, from babies to adults to oldies. Seems like they're not moving and not capable of any locomotion. And that made me realize that those whore just quiet and shy type are the deadly ones. Hahaha double meaning again. 


If there's such thing as frog prince, what if my prince turned out to be a crocodile and all he needs is my kiss to be real? Oh there goes my randomness again. But what if?really?

I was not anymore amaze by the crocodile farm they have here, coz I have already seen the best crocodile conservatory in Davao but I'm not saying that the one in Palawan isn't nice just pretty okay!

Can't believe I was able to get enough courage to hold a baby croc! I'm a strong big girl now. The baby crocodile is such a cutiepie!

This is what welcomes you on the way to the nature park, if you have great love for plants, you'd surely enjoy this haven.

We met alot of animals in the wildlife conservation center and we were able to touch them and take photos with them, lucky kids we are. Here we are with the hornbill and the very friendly fluffy Binturong!

My photo op with the Binturong was so funny, wasn't able to pull off a great pose with it. I was really afraid it might swallow me because its bigger than me!

Look at our craziness! We even lie down the road in order to have a some kind of a family picture.

Next stop is the Mitra's Rancho.
Its the perfect place to breathe the freshest air and relax while seeing the perfect view from the hill. It's like Tagaytay/Baguio in the town of Palawan. You can enjoy the zipline activity here or just enjoy breathtaking moments while overlooking Palawan.
Here I was able to enjoy the scenery and everything was just so amazing.
I can even lie down on the grass and take a roll from the hill down, bad i wasnt on high to do that!

To end the city tour, we went to Baker's Hill famous for baked goodies and delicacies.
I did not expect that BH would look like a village of everything sweet and fancy, if I would already have my house in the future, I want to have the concept of Baker's Hill!

Don't you just love this modern house on top of a hill? coz that's exactly what ive been thinking for a dream house.

Christmas spirit in the compound.

My sister's such a lovely doll! :">

Here's kuya getting horny about this sexy lady!

Ended the day with good food, refreshing drinks and great guys!


Xoxo :*


  1. Haha lol to your kuya. Haven't been to Palawan pa, it is on my bucket list :)

    1. You should go, lalo na sa summer!!! Ugh ngayon palang i wanna come back na! Hahahha

  2. Nice pictures Miss Dream Catcher! Glad you enjoyed Palawan!

  3. amazing trip and outfit. You are really good in combining colors,especially in neons:)) you inspire me a lot on blogging because your thoughts are going're pretty good in writing:) have a good day!:))

  4. Hi! I hope you can reply on this, are there dreamcatchers on palawan (coron)? Thank you :)


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