Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Corporate in Green

The perks of being a blogger happens this 2013, I am happy to tell you that I together with Pampanga Fashion Bloggers are doing a collaboration with Clarkisit, a website that would be launched pretty soon, this is the first project that surprised us on the first quarter of the year and we are so blessed to be trusted by people in the society and it is such an honor to be working with people who appreciates who you are and interested in your craft and passion. Being a fashion blogger, we get to be judged by a lot of people because of our fashion obsession and style staple making them think that our worlds revolve only around clothes, shoes, bags, brands and publicity but that is a totally wrong notion. Fashion blogging leads to advertising and marketing and not about bragging and flaunting what you have, then you just share your stories and your whole life through outfit photos, if you really read every line on a bloggers post and not just look at the pictures then you can get motivation and inspiration in it. We don't use blogging to let the world know we have this and and that, we blog to be expressive of what we are and I am thankful that Clarkisit was able to see our mission as bloggers that's why I swear I would never disappoint them and I would strive hard to write great stories behind outfits as a way of expressing my gratitude to these kind of people.

Dress: Gap
Coat/Blazer: Zara
Shoes: Jellybean
Belt: borrowed from co-blogger Ate Tse
Necklace: SM Department Store
Earrings: SM Department Store

This is 2013's jumpstarter, and so the bloggers decided that we go color coded that day and we chose EMERALD GREEN since it is also the lucky color of the year and it somehow symbolize our unity in fashion and the staffs of Clarkisit were very happy to see us having uniformity it was like their smiles and stares were screaming "Aww, these bunch of people are so cute" and to our surprise the color matches the office of Clarkisit, everything was just so perfect.

The major drawback on this outfit is that I wasn't really at my best in wearing it because the moment I knew we would be wearing green, this is the only thing I have in my closet, the first time I saw the dress I even laughed at it because I thought it was a grass skirt or whatever and scolded mom for buying it then one day to my surprise that's the only dress I needed, so I have no choice. I chose to make use of what I have instead of buying something new then ending up wearing it only once.
The dress doesn't perfectly hug my body, so I borrowed Ate Tse's belt and covered up with a blazer to give a touch of maturity in a corporate attire. I had this corpo look in a modern twist.
If you pay attention to the details of the dress, its just so dramatic because it has drapings on it making it look like a grass skirt or maybe it would be better if I use the words Nina used to describe it, something so Tinkerbell.

Photos By: Nina Pineda

Did you already store green stuffs at your closet for 2013?
Lets all be lucky!
Stay tuned for my next posts about our interview at Clarkisit and our cloud9 foodtrip at C!

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