Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tales from a Broken Heart: Broken Strings

I did everything i can to be able to play on broken strings even if i know everything would never be the same again. It wasnt my intention to give up actually its just that i realized there would always come a point in life when you just have to stop and quit because you know it wouldnt lead to something good anymore, that no matter how you work hard to save one thing from destruction when its time for it to break then your efforts of becoming a hero would be useless and when its time to let go, even if you have a tight grip to hold on and let yourself be blinded by reasons why you should let go, something destined to come true would always find its way even if you escape from it. Believe me when i say, i did my best in saving it and making it work even at the very last minute, the only fault i have was that i allowed destiny to take it all away. Well i thought i was saving it till i realized that the more you hold on to it the more it slips away maybe because its bound to be like that and i cannot do anything about something already written on our fate. I tried to forgive and forget about the things that hurts but then its not enough to make me stay and make everything okay. You know we spent months on making it work, we tried to make each other happy but then when i start thinking about what we are now i start realizing the love we have isnt true anymore, and i cant even convince myself that its still real. And that hurts too much, i want it to be love again but at the same time i cant lie about the truth, that i cant feel anything anymore and everything turned into dust. And what made me feel this is the fact that you have broken me so many times until one day i lose myself and all the love i can ever give you, i started loving you a little less than before until the love's starting to fade little by little.
I thought i was strong enough to chase all the monsters getting in our way but i was wrong, when all else fails the only thing i can do is just give it up because ive been killing one monster not knowing the rest of them are starting to kill every single part of me. And whats even worse is that you werent there to save me by the time i needed you the most and up until the very end it has always been my battle, my crazy adventure of running in circles for our relationship. Or maybe you tried to be the knight in shining armor but it was too late that you cant do anything to take everything back anymore. It was chasing the very last rain but its too late.
Love has always been my weakness and i lose myself because of it, sometimes i regret giving in to that kind of feeling because in the end it would just leave me all alone ad even destroy me but that is really what love is all about, something that comes with great tragedies, if it wasnt tragic then it isnt great love at all. Its the price we have to pay in allowing ourselves to experience love.
Now back to out story, i am sorry for being the one who got away, i promised you ill never get tired but i hope you see that after all that has happened between the two of us, you have given me reasons why i should give up because im sick and tired of fighting over things i know id never gain victory to. The only thing i could ever think of right now is that this is the only thing thats right and the only option i have to take into consideration so that thered be no more sleepless night, overflowin thoughts, tears, pains and heartaches. It would only hurt now, its better to get hurt today than getting hurt every single day if we push through the set up of working out something that would never wver work out again. I really have no idea why i chose to end it up, someday well find the answers to that.
So i guess our love song should really end now becauase i can never make good music with broken strings.

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