Thursday, January 31, 2013

Human Highlighter

This outfit would be the best look to describe my life now, gray in the middle of a splash of colors.
A lot has been happening right now that I feel like I'm rainbow and that is due to my family who has always been there for me in every endeavor i have in life, it just feels so great to have a mom who supports me in all the things I do whether academic performance and all my other extra curricular activities of being a fashion slave and my blogging career, I mean I am so grateful that Im able to get viber messages of her cheers for me that would inspire me to be the best of what I can be at school and then later on reward me with so many stuffs she got on clearance sales and all that, it even came to the point wherein she was asking me if I want something then for the first time I felt the contentment within me that I couldn't think of anything to ask for because it feels like I have everything already. Then a plus factor to my rainbow feeling are my two siblings who got grow sweeter now that ever, I haven't seen them for almost a month now then to my surprise my little sister would send random text messages demanding me to go home coz she misses me and my brother I know that his love for us is always some kind of a tough love that he asks me to do sets of essays for his job requirement, pardon me for being a sucker for that physical emotional kind of gestures of love but I believe that's his way of communication especially a type of approach to me coz we never got the chance to be super close ever since we were kids. And with that I know papa's happy to see his family united even if were miles apart from each other. I am so blessed to be in this kind of family, we may not be the ideal type of family every kid wishes to have but what we have is genuine and just so infinite.

And as to the other colors that would add up to my palette,  these are my friends who never gets tired of listening to my stories whether good or bad. Being away from my family, the only socket close to where I am now are my friends and I am lucky coz I found the real ones. Friends who would never ever judge me for certain mistakes I made in life and friends who would never ever stab me at my back. For my Manila friends, they are my daily diary and they absorb every trouble I have in life and yet they never get tired of pulling me away from trouble and even if I am at the bad side of the world, believe me they were with me and we went through it together. And as to my highschool barkada, viber seems to be the world that attracts us all togetehr again and they never changed, theyre still those noisy girls who have unlimited stories to tell and never fails to make me laugh because of all the things they spoil.

Part of me is gray and you'd probably know that if you read about the article on my blog's new segment, Tales from a Broken Heart; but because I am surrounded by these kind of people it still turns out to be a colorful world after all with an intense vibe of neon!
And that is what my life is all about now.

Sorry for the almost unending blabbing, I just missed sharing my stories to all of you, now lets get it started with the look.

Dress: thrifted
Love necklace: Quiapo thrifts
Rings: Quiapo thrifts
Paris Arm Candy: Quirkypedia
Shoes: Sophisticat

I got this neon dress when my co blogger and I went thrift shopping last week, they always tell me that when they see neon all they could ever think about is me, and it was like a complement at my part because these fashionista people got to see my real side somebody who's dreaming of a true loves kiss, nahhhh kidding, just somebody dreaming of having a colorful life with a colorful world. It was Jeroy who saw this dress and he handed it to me right away and then I did not even think twice of buying it. And guess what I only bought it at the cheapest price you can ever think of. That day was also the day wherein I got hooked up with thrift shopping. More thrift finds to look forward to on my next posts.

My fellow PFB bloggers and I were chosen to be Quirkypedia's brand ambassadors!!! Thanks Khai and the rest of Quirkypedia for the trust you have given us. Dont forget to check out their new PARIS collection, its all about being classy in a trendy way, plus I tell you the coolest accessories would always spice up a girl's look, and that is what Quirkypedia's best offer to all girls living the high end style in this fashionable world!

I call this the FIERCE shoes, how cool is it that this pair of shoes has vertebral column? It is surely a head turner when all you ever want is attention. I super love the material of this product, even if it looks a thousand times complicated, i tell you that its a million times comfortable and really made for walking. And that is what we really look after when we buy something, the uniqueness in the midst of comfort.

If you would be a palette, what would your color be?

Happy February! 


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