Saturday, February 2, 2013

A world of pink and flowers

As usual, my style staple has always been eternal I will always and forever be that girly chic in pink. 
If there's one fashionable color I would live every single day of my life, it would forever be the pink and all the shades it has to offer, its just that I am really in my best self when I am in pink. And if there would be one world id live in, i would never think twice to live in a floral world where everything's just so serene, calm, wonderful and magnificent. And this look is a combination of two things that describe myself and my world, a  girl obsessed with pink in a world full of blooms and blossoms.

Lace Top: borrowed from my sister
Pants: H&M
Necklace: Sweet and Sassy
Bangles: Divi
Shoes: H&M

You know that I love giving you surprises in small packages that would surely make you scream "OH"
I adore the material of this dress, laces would never lose a special place in this planet, every lace piece a woman has in her closet would always be classic and never gets old even if we live a million lifetimes. And its up to the style how it would let elegance get in the way after the classic trademark, and with this, the epic scene happens when you see my back, well in front you would thinks its something so conservative but once I show you my back, there's no way out in adoring and falling in love with this top. Well this is what I call sexy, it doesn't have to show the world your big humps and your big bumps but just a little portion of yourself, little sexy part of yourself.

Im happy that my accessories, my pants and my shoes cooperated in pulling off a girly look.
I did not over accessorize because the prints of my outfit were enough to bring out the best of myself.
Plus I just want to be simple that day and make sure that the people wouldn't think that my fashion's exaggerated. Good thing every piece of me, made out the perfect combinations.

I feel like I am a flower that day, tulips, roses, daisies, name it and im gonna give you my whole self.

Have a great weekend, I hope you spend it in a world like where I wanna be, of pink and flowers!


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