Monday, February 18, 2013

Tales from a Broken Heart: Love is Not

I believe that love should always be perfect, that it should be a fairytale that starts with Once upon a time and ends with They lived happily ever after, that in my story ill be the princess who madly falls in live with her prince. I look at love as something so magical like everythings all about the sparks and everything just glitters and screams perfection. I know love is like that, that love should be like that.

Until one day... All my expectations about love turned out into something i did not even imagined. Love is not a fairytale but instead love is crazy! Something that made me see how sparks fly and how everything glitters then later on disapeared in a blink of an eye. Something so perfect then ended up being so perfectly imperfect. I once experienced love the way i wanted it to be... But i was clueless about the fact that The way I want it to be would not be long enough, and so without any warnings love ended.

It was like i was already on top of the world, i was already in cloud 9 and already in the state of nirvana and all i could ever feel is extreme euphoria, one second it was perfect, until one day everything dropped of from where it was, from cloud 9 i went all the way down 6 feet below the ground and the only emotion im capable of feeling is pain. Twas then that i realized that love was gone.

I knew from that moment that the fairytale dream i used to imagine and wanted to live by would never turn on to something real. Or maybe it happened for a short period of time, and just like dreaming, the end would always be waking up and getting crushed by reality and as i lay hete with eyes wide open and already wide awake and all i have to do is to accept that fact that love was only just a dream and it wasnt what i thought it would be just because the thought of "they lived happily ever after" did not exist at all.

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