Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Colors on Hiatus

It feels so good to have a sweet escape from reality for 4 days and 3 nights, being on vacation mode is what I exactly need now in order to be relieved from the stress I have been through on the first quarter of the semester, this is the perfect time to unwind and relax, to be worry free and just enjoy life to the fullest and get the Yolo kind of adrenaline. I spent half of my winter/Christmas/holiday break with my siblings at the beautiful island of Puerto Princesa Palawan, we had been deprived on doing this kind of bonding due to certain circumstances that happened, conflict in our schedules, work, and being kilometers and even worlds away from each other; good thing that this vacation enabled us to bond like we were kids again where all we ever want to do is to play, laugh, run around, having fun and enjoying the moments that would take our breath away.

I have been waiting for this vacation for weeks now, it even came to a point that all I could ever day dream about was the beach and the cold breeze on top of the mountains and now that it already happened I felt like I am a lucky girl because I again made one dream come true but i wasn't the one who really made it come true, i was only chasing the dream, good thing I was blessed by a Santa Mama who would make the impossible possible, thanks mom for sponsoring us this trip, we love you <3 and I know she's going to be very happy because I am able to update my blog once again, that's how supportive she is with my passion. 

Being a dreamer, I always believe that I can make every dream happen and there's one wish that's part of my list and that is I WILL GO PLACES and with that I am proud to say that:

Now lets talk about the outfit!
All the people in the house has only one request for me and that is to travel light, they even reminded me that I am going to the beach and I don't have to bring heels and gowns or whatsoever, I guess that's really one big problem when you are fond of dressing up especially at my part that I got used to the idea of bringing clothes for a 10 day trip even if we only have 3-4days ever since I was a child I overpack but my fellas have to thank me of i do that because I provide them with everything they're missing from extra clothes, to medicines and all that, believe me overpacking really has an advantage!
But because I am not a naughty child this season, I really did travel light, all the things I need for the trip was just on one backpack and I had one handcarry bag along with me, I guess I deserve a round of applause for being that great for the first time? Hahahaha

Jumpsuit: H&M
Bangles: Divi
Flat Sandals: HDY
Hat: Superb
Sunglasses: Gurly Glam Shoppe

The clothes I brought were just so flowy and light, more of jumpsuits, a dress and few sleeveless and shorts. I see to it that the outfits would allow me to move comfortably, in cases like this I choose comfort over fashion its just that fashion was already one with comfort in this package. Yes, the prints on my outfit saved me and my blogger self at the whole timeline of my vacation.

I will love this sandals for eternity, my feet never complained about getting hurt with this flats. I also love the stretchable garterized details in the boldest shade of yellow, the color's just so summer-ish. I swear I'm really going to collect all colors, I call it falling in love with the things that make you feel comfortable and of things that doesn't hurt. (Hahahaha, double meaning? Naauhh)

The trip brought out my subtle talent for accessorizing, you know I am not really a fan of putting so many stuffs on my neck and arms because I am more of a minimilastic type of girl but this time I really invested into colorful accessories to add fun on my outfit! and can you feel the fun I am saying with these beaded bling blings?

I really felt like a tourist with my hat and shades on and along with my bright handbag and the tourist-ish prints on my jumpsuit. I bet youre feeling the vibes too! do you? Sorry for not giving you breezy peg posts, my mind's twisted I choose summer over winter.

The vacation brought me to a realization mode, i told you that I wouldn't be overthinking right? but there are moments in between that would just let me sit by one corner then think about ways to make me feel okay once again. A lot has happened in the past and all I ever want to do is to bring my old self back and do some kind of a soul searching, my friends knew all the troubles i've been and they advised me to take this opportunity to breathe, just breathe, stop and think and that's what i have been doing on stolen time. I don't consider the thoughts as worries because I know this act would help me find who I once was and begin again. And I promised the people around me that once I ended the vacation that's when Im gonna be okay. Yes, sometimes we have to settle with "okay" than the "best"

So how are you guys?
Did you just enjoy the noche buena traditon and all the parties yesterday? I wish I could talk to you all, I need someone to talk to right now, heehee!

Greeting you all Merry Christmas!
I love you fellas <3

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