Friday, May 3, 2013

Anchors Away

I know that summer doesn't call for long sleeves and tight leggings but I wore this because I want to be comfortable as I move, groove and play around. The knitted sweater would be perfect for a cold breeze but believe me, wearing it was so refreshing because of its material made from crochet and knit.
I also decided to wear leggings that day because I know I'd be running in circles as a play with my nephew and sit like a boss as we spend the night on couches over milk teas and it makes me feel comfortable to sit like an indian at the movie house even if its not allowed and even if my brother scolds me for not acting like a lady, plus I fell in love with the anchor prints on it. The leggings have been stock up in the closet for months now and when my sister showed it to me and asked if were giving it to yaya or not, i literally screamed "no!!!" because I like it a lot more than I originally planned. Of course the lakas maka madame hat was just for picture purposes, it made me feel as if Im a haciendera that day, wow for once in my life I felt like a haciendera, sometimes I want to be like that, just riding horses in my ranch and enjoying the beautiful scenery of nature.

With this look, I went out of my comfort zone. I know this season requires us to be wearing shorts and muscle tees or tank tops but sometimes its really good to be different from everybody else.

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