Sunday, May 5, 2013

Heaven Sent

Every night before I got to sleep, I always count the blessings showered upon my life and it seems like my fingers aren't enough to count all the wonderful things I have, all the beautiful people I got, and all the greatest achievements I made, and even all the awful experiences that helped me become who I am today, whether good or bad EVERYTHING IS A BLESSING and with that I never forget to thank God for the best life He has given me, from my loving family, true friends, good food, fashion finds and even for a horrible social network life. Everything now seems to be heaven sent and I am beyond grateful for that.

And if you start wondering why am I saying all of these inspirational messages is because summer has been so good to me lately. Who wouldn't be thankful for the fact that boredom never got in the way with the long nights and shorter days, that even if I lay down the bed munching some chocolates, chips and cookies and just scrolling around the windows of instagram and twitter I am already beyond happy and that once a week family night I spend with my siblings and grannies and all other family members, that seems to be so priceless. I found happiness in small things, its true that big things come in small packages and maybe you'll just realize that only if we let go of our insecurities, mind sets and if and only if we lower our standards then that is where we find happiness and contentment.

Lets get it on with the fashion statement:
I started this post with something inspirational because my outfit pulls off the NICE GIRL look.
It is true that you can never go wrong with a perfect little white dress. It brings out nothing but all the good values and virtues a girl should have in her life, yes it showcases the complete package of the Nice Chic.
I thought it would be hard for me to carry a dress as pure as white since I tend to be hyperactive sometimes, though its a must to be really extra careful while walking and moving but a fashionista should always keep calm and carry on! Girl power!

If diamonds are forever, Pearls are for infinity and beyond.
I have always been consider as a girl in pearl, it is indeed my favorite accessory because it seems like it brings out the complete x factor every girl should have. It may only be simple and may not sparkle much like diamonds but there is something in pearl that I really adore and it is okay for me not to have diamonds in my life as long as Ill be having all the pearls in the world.
I know its unusual for me to wear no colors at all, but science says that white is the presence of all colors, oohhhh so would you believe if i say all colors are there? Yihaaa.

And yesyes! Im bringing sexy back!
I know this is not a surprise to you anymore since every online shop is selling this kind of peplum dress and everyone wears it too, and im part of everyone else.

And oh wait, seems like the sexiness is not only showcased by the back coz im bringing sexy heels that could kill. And yes, sexy award goes to this pair of heels. Yay? Yay!!!

At this point in time I still couldnt afford buying real Christian Louboutins but good thing designer inspired shoes were created! maybe 10 years from now, I can have my own Loubs. (crossed fingers) This is really my sister's new babies and I have to steal it from her that day, believe me we literally screamed at the store when we saw it, we just couldn't help but giggle as we saw this hot, fierce and sexy baby! And oh, they sparkle like diamonds now, I am shining bright!!!

I hope you liked this post coz this is a new personal favorite of mine!!!
The dress, the back, the pearls, the swarovski clips, the loubs inspired killer heels, the color, the purity, the neatness, the photos and my beauty (ehem ehem, kiddingnotkidding) spells out PERFECTION. heehee thats too much confidence already!

Dont forget to thank God for all the blessings that have been HEAVEN SENT!


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