Saturday, October 20, 2012

Work in a "Maligaya" way

Leggings: Zara
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Quiapo Thrifts
Spike Bracelet: Quiapo Thrifts
Bag: Longchamp

Whenever I run errands I make sure that I am in my most comfortable look and dressing up simple yet colorful has always been my forte especially when it has touches of pink.
Today I went to Maligaya 168 to have a meeting with the management and the PFB gang regarding our haute project this season.
I am happy to announce that I together with the Pampanga based bloggers are going to tie knots in doing collaboration and advertising work with Maligaya 168 which is a shopping center close to the hearts of every Kapampangan. We aim to hit two birds in one stone by promoting business and fashion at the very same time. I am so happy with this project because Maligaya 168 is really a part of me since I was in high school.

Since I know that I will be running from one stall to another to pull out clothes for the big night I decided to wear a something that can make me walk fast, move in high speed or even run so I just wore my favorite style... the basics.

There were 3 basic tops right in front of me as I was preparing and I really had a hard time to choose on what color and style would make up my look but I ended up wearing this Petit Bateau ombre sleeveless. Just so you know Petit Bateau is a French brand which sells items intended for babies but then time passed by and advancements were made that it is now a benchmark for multi-generational style for all members of the family. Items are made from pure cotton and I tell you that it is perfect for the weather here in the Philippines because it would make every Filipino feel cool despite the scorching hot weather.

The color code for the day was all the combination of pink and grey, a mixture of exciting and boring at the very same time. I know they are somewhat contradicting but I bet its good to experiment on fashion sometimes. Then just add a bunch of multi colored accessories then Voila I'm off to work!

Now back to the project:
Maligaya 168 organized a HAUTE HALLOWEEN peg FASHION SHOW for the Pampanga Fashion Bloggers to be held on OCTOBER 27, 2012 SATURDAY at Maligaya 168 lot at 6:00 PM!
This project would be the grand launch of our team and is also a great kind of advertisement for Maligaya 168 since they are the major sponsor for this event and when I say sponsor I have this giggling feeling knowing that they will sponsor the clothes we are going to wear for the night.

I was so happy in choosing the garments I will be going to use because a lot of items are really so fashionable and trendy that every fashionista would be a victim.

I am so happy that the good Lord has given me so much blessings! I know this is not a project like that of a world class fashion week like the our very own or the ones like in New York and Paris but this is a stepping stone to a journey about making that dream come true and without you my readers, this would not be possible. Thanks for supporting MDC and for taking time to read it even if all I have here is merely showcasing how vain I am. I love you guys!


  1. simply chic!!! i love your colorful accessories :)

    <3 Maria

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